Ganoze Gemini

You might be wondering where the heck did I come up with Ganoze Gemini for a blog name. I confess that it probably  came from a moment of lack of creativity on how to define myself in two words. The thing is though, there is a rationale behind it.

Ganoze is a word invented by my mom many, many years ago as she was talking to our pekingese dog, Chaninha. You know how there is “baby – talk”? Well, in our household as I am sure in yours if you have pets, there has always been a special language being spoken, the “doggie – talk”. You would not believe how creative my mom is in many ways and the word ganoze became part of our home thesaurus, assuming many meanings along the ride (sorry, it is a family secret and it cannot be revealed in this blog). For this reason, Ganoze is a very specific word to my family. You could definitely relate that word to my mom, myself, or any one of my sisters, therefore I had to find something else that is relative to me.

I have always been interested in astrology. Not enough to go really deep into it, but zodiac signs, and people, and their characteristics, personalities, etc have always enchanted me. I still have hopes of studying psychology at one point in life, not for a career, but for myself. Although I don’t believe in the “don’t go out of the house today because you will suffer a car accident” type of horoscope, I think people’s characteristics from their zodiac sign are very close to reality based on my observations. And honestly, I think my zodiac sign fits me very well.

Some people perceive Gemini’s of being “two-faces” and that may cause some suspicion, but Gemini’s are not fake, we just try to look at both sides of the equation and balance them out. We also like to think, to learn and to do different things.  What else? There is much more to it, but Gemini’s are extremely communicative and love to talk. Hahaha… Give us some room and we will not shut up! I hate it when I have a sore throat and cannot talk for an extended period of time, it is really tough!

So there we have it: there are 4 possible people that could relate to the word ganoze, but only one of them can be ganoze and gemini at the same time, and that is me. Now you know where Ganoze Gemini came from, and just like the symbol that represents the Gemini sign, I can always sign my posts by “twinning” the letter G: GG. Please do not mix that with my size (in Brasil a size GG is equal to a size XL here in the U.S. – Eaaaakkkkk!!!!!), although now that I am pregnant I could….



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